How it works?

DataPipeline connects to a data source, extracts the information, validates it, transforms it and delivers it to a configured destination.

By connecting a data source to a destination, you can make the information flow in a matter of minutes.

How it works

With just four steps, you eliminate the greatest discomfort when analyzing the relevant information of your business. Start using DataPipeline today and get your information centralized in a matter of hours instead of weeks so that you can increase the productivity of your team and maximizing profits.




We connect to your data source in various ways, and each time we add more options.





Validating information before synchronizing the data is crucial in order to ensure its integrity and it is a concern of many users. DataPipeline offers a predefined list of validations for this purpose.



In addition to validation, you can transform the data so that you can deliver the information to your destination without worrying about formats on the other side of the system.



DataPipeline deliver the data to a predefined destination or a data repository in various ways. It currently offers the most common connection options and expanding the list of options.



To personalize your data processes, you deserve exclusivity for the development of your Digital Platforms. DataPipeline lets you configure complex data workflows, integrate with your applications and add custom logic to achieve fast, efficient and reliable data integration.

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