What are the main functionality of the platform?

DataPipeline can integrate different sources of information, clean up and transform data programmatically

How many records per database can be registered?

The platform is designed to process thousands of simultaneous data quickly and efficiently.

How many people do we need to use the platform?

This platform is user friendly and requires only one person to use it.

Do you need technical knowledge to use the platform?

connect the source and the destination of the information, some technical information is required, but the rest of the steps are simple and easy to configure.

How long is the processed data stored in the cloud as a backup?

This depends on the plan you subscribe. Our options range from no backup to storing the information for 15 days after processing.

Concerning security, what do you offer?

Your information is stored in our systems in an encrypted manner and not exposed to the outside world, which makes it more secure.

Will you improve and update the platform?

DataPipeline is not a mature project and we are eager to grow and improve every day. You will find new features brought to the platform.

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